10 steps to male stripping success. learn male stripping lap dance moves
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male stripper how to get bookings
How to get your first job
Knowing what to do on your first booking is important - but getting that first booking can be a daunting and difficult task! I'll show you how to actually get your foot in the door and start getting work!
how to make a male strip show music mix
how to make your music
All male strippers need to have their own music mix set up, with creative transitions and sound effect's in 1 single MP3 file. The music you choose is also important. I will teach you how to set this up. 
how to get more bookings as a male stripper
how to be in high demand
Once your already on your feet - the LAST thing you want to be doing is fighting for bookings and struggling to succeed with all the competition around. Let me show you how to stand out and be booked up!

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SUCCESS STORY - From the Tools to TV!
" Our student "Troy" was working as a carpenter earning around $900 per week. 
But ever since he joined Male Stripper Academy - He added an extra $1000 cash in hand to his weekly income from just working Saturday night! 
He has since quit his job and has been recruited by "Thunder From Down Under". 
He travel's the world for free performing for thousands of women and has appeared on national TV multiple times."
Discover The 10 Steps Troy Learnt!
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