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'To Be The Best, You Need To Train With The Best'
- Tommy is the industry's leading male stripper, and innovator of unique stripping routines. 

- His performances have been viewed by thousands of women all over the world, and his online course in male stripping is the first of its kind.
Tommy's experience includes stripping on stage 6 nights a week In Las Vegas, to touring around Asia and Europe with International male revues and even hustling in world famous male strip clubs.

Tommy now resides in sunny 'Gold Coast' - Australia's number 1 bachelorette and party destination. He own's and operates a male stripping agency, choreographs male strip shows and does 1 on 1 male stripper training.

 ----"I'm excited to announce that I'm bringing my male stripper training online for everyone to access!" ----
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Would You SkyDive By Yourself Without Any Training?
Of course you wouldn't!
 Without prior training, you're putting yourself in a position to fail.
Male Stripping is a competitive industry, and with so many new guys appearing every year, you NEED to be educated and prepared.
If you want to learn more about 'Male Stripper Academy' and how we prepare students for a successful entry into the male stripping industry, click below!
FREE strategy sessions offer extended to April, 2020!
My name is Tommy, and I'm the founder of Male Stripper Academy.

When I first started male stripping, I literally spent weeks searching the internet for any kind of resource that would help guide me in the right direction, alas I found NOTHING. 
So What Did I Do?
The day it all changed for me - was when I finally got my ass off the couch and down to a local male strip show.

When I was finally able to talk to another male stripper, I learnt more in 1minute than I did in 1 MONTH of reading pointless, irrelevant articles online. 

Many years later I found out that the most successful people in the world learn by TALKING to people who have already walked the path, that you are walking on. 
In A Nutshell:
If your TRULY want to have DRAMATIC SUCCESS...

You need a mentor. 

It really does make the world of difference.
I remember my first few strip shows... they weren't the greatest! 
BUT - I realised that I needed mentoring, and I quickly started to become a student and learn off the more experienced male strippers.
But, This Was My Biggest Problem...
They were fantastic and helpful, however;
It took a long time to learn anything!

This was because I was only seeing them once a week! (When we performed on Saturday)

I WISH I could have been picking their brain all week!
Now It's Different For YOU:
I'm offering YOU the chance to get ahead of the pack, and start learning the expert secrets of male stripping from myself. You can watch my exclusive tutorial videos and even book webcam chats with myself... learn By actually TALKING to someone.

And If you want me to continue to mentor you - you can become a student of mine at Male Stripper Academy!

Learn what Male Stripper Academy is all about below:
So What Will I Learn In The Online Course?
  • Video Tutorials: Learn at your own pace, and login at anytime.
  • Life Time Access: Our content is not going anywhere, anytime soon!
  • Full Email Support: Talk with Tommy directly or with our private Facebook page community.
  • Pre-made Routines: Struggling to make a routine? Students have exclusive access to purchase one of Tommy's templates and make it your own show. 
  • Fitness Plan: Tommy is sharing his fitness routine in a series of instructional videos for you!
  •   Nutritional Advice: Diet advice from acclaimed nutritionist 'Jonathan James'.

So What's Included In The Online Course?

  • Module 1: Getting Started
  • ​Lesson 1 - What Type Of Stripper Are You?
  • ​Lesson 2 - Your Personality and Character
  • ​Lesson 3 - Preparing The Essentials
  • Module 2: Body Movement
  •  Lesson 1 - Hip and Chest Grinding
  • ​Lesson 2 - Hip and Chest Pop's
  • ​Lesson 3 - Body Height Variation's
  • ​Lesson 4 - Taking Your Time
  • Module 3: The Art Of Lap Dancing
  •  Lesson 1 - Technique
  • ​Lesson 2 - Lap Dance Moves and Tricks
  • Module 4: Male Stripper Dance Moves
  •  Lesson 1 - Taking Clothes Off
  • ​Lesson 2 - Crowd Pleaser Moves
  • ​Lesson 3 - Floor Work
  • Module 5: Audience Interaction
  •  Lesson 1 - How To Please The Crowd
  • ​Lesson 2 - Approaching Females
  • Module 6: Costumes
  •  Lesson 1 - Choosing Themes
  • ​Lesson 2 - Setting Up Your Costume
  • Module 7: Male Stripper Music
  •  Lesson 1 - Picking Your Songs
  • Module 8: Planning Your Routine
  •  Lesson 1 - The Basic's Of The Structure
  • ​Lesson 2 - Putting Your Routine Together
  • Module 9: Mixing Your Music
  •  Lesson 1 - Editing
  •  Module 10: Acquiring Work
  •  Lesson 1 - Stage Shows
  •  Lesson 2 - Strip Club's
  •  Lesson 3 - Strip-a-gram's
  •  Module 11: How To Make Fantastic Money & Tips
  •  Lesson 1 - Top Traits Of Successful Male Strippers
  •  Lesson 2 - How To Sell Private Lap Dances
  •  Lesson 3 - Maximising Your Tips
  •  Module 12: Strip-g-gram's - What To Do On The Night
  •  Lesson 1 - Arrival
  •  Lesson 2 - Departing
  •  Module 13: Advice Every Male Stripper Needs To Hear
  •  Lesson 1 - Advice Every Stripper Needs To Hear
+ Much, Much MORE
Don't Just Take My Word For It
Check Out What One Of Our Student's 'Troy' Has Achieved!
                                                  Tommy (left), with Troy (right).
"Hey Tommy, I just want to say a huge thanks for all the help and guidance. Today I was formally accepted in 'Thunder From Down Under', this was a goal of mine, and I couldn't have achieved it without your lessons. I will 100% recommend your course to others!"
'Thunder From Down Under' - Male Stripper
Troy Maloney
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