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"Watch my step-by-step tutorial videos and learn to dance like a male stripper for your partner!" 
Here's What's Included With Your Student Access:

Pre-made Lapdance Templates ✔

We supply easy to follow demo templates for a seductive lap dance that will be sure to impress your partner.  Follow our demo videos as we teach you every single move and trick - all you need to do is copy!

Email Support & Community ✔

Personally reach out to your instructor Tommy with any questions via email anytime & schedule a FREE 15min video consultation with Tommy and learn with him LIVE (1 video session per month). 

50 Detailed Video Tutorials ✔

We didn't hold back when it came to delivering you high quality, detailed instructional videos. With step-by-step tutorials designed to teach you how to give an amazing lapdance. 

Full Access & Personalised Assessment ✔

Submit video footage to us and we will personally evaluate and assist you with your progress, and give you tailored unique feedback to help YOU improve. 
  • What do we do?: We teach you the art of performing a seductive lapdance.
  • ​Why do we do it?: Because your partner or date deserves only the best from you in every aspect.
  • How do we do it?: We provide easy to follow video tutorials and full customised analysis and support with male stripper expert 'Tommy'.
  • But is it for me?: If you want to be unique in the bedroom & give a gift of intimacy - then we are here for you.
  • How can I use this?: After your first date - anniversary gift - a birthday surprise - spice up your marriage - the choice is yours.
  • Can anyone use this?: Yes - if you're looking to seduce in the bedroom or a gift for your partner, anyone can use this skill. 
  • I lack confidence?: A lack of confidence is a result of inadequate preparation - we prepare you so you feel confident in yourself.
  • But will she enjoy it?: What women doesn't enjoy unique intimacy from the someone she is interested in or loves?
 -The Lap Dance Made Easy For Everyone -
"As an experienced male stripper, I will teach you everything I have learned about performing a striptease.
In my online course I will show you what to do... and more importantly - what NOT to do!"

Tommy (your instructor)
Tommy has been featured in network television & performed for thousands of women all over the globe. 
Tommy Harvey is an industry leading male stripper - who has performed in over 15 different countries and worked with international shows 'Adonis Cabaret', 'Hunkmania' & 'Aussie Heat'. He currently owns a male stripper agency & is the founder of 'Male Stripper Academy'. 
Learn how to lap dance from the best in the business.

'Tommy' on stage with BadBoys the international male revue show.

'Tommy' performing on stage in Gold Coast, Australia. 

Your instructor 'Tommy' will teach you step-by-step in easy to follow video tutorials - how to perform an amazing striptease for your partner.
For the first time ever he is revealing all his expert secrets!

Did you know that....
1. They slowly begin to neglect their partner with the same intimate passion they used to have when they first met ...


2. On a date, lacking the ability to stand out and be 'unique' in the bedroom ...
Now either you're in a relationship, or not, It doesn't matter...
Because learning to lap dance isn't just about impressing her.

It's about showing her your passion.

But why is that important?

Well - everyone thinks they can impress women... most guys talk a lot about themselves.
Guess what? Women HATE that.

And married men tend to lose excitement in the bedroom with their partner. As the years go by, things get boring and we lose the fire that caught us in the first place. 

Let me tell you 1 thing:
Women like to see words put into ACTION.

- Don't be that guy who talks about himself all the time.
- Don't be that guy who kills the spark in your relationship.

When you demonstrate PASSION, you are:

- Using your ACTIONS to impress her, not your words.
- Re-igniting that SPARK in your relationship.

Most men are happy and content to ignore this. That's a fact!
And most men will continue to have the same issues!

But my questions for you is:

"Can you demonstrate your passion?"

-It's Time To Level Up Your Bedroom Game - 
Screenshot of the lap dance masterclass video - "Lap dancing positions on the bed"
Screenshot of the lapdance masterclass video  - "Demonstration routine"

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So What's Included In The Online Course Access?
  • Module 1: The Art Of Lapdancing
  • ​Lesson 1 - Technique
  • ​Lesson 2 - Lapdance Moves and Tricks
  • Module 2: Body Movement
  •  Lesson 1 - Hip and Chest Grinding
  • ​Lesson 2 - Hip and Chest Pop's
  • ​Lesson 3 - Body Height Variation's
  • ​Lesson 4 - Taking Your Time
  • Module 3: Male Stripper Dance Moves
  •  Lesson 1 - Taking Clothes Off
  • ​Lesson 2 - Crowd Pleaser Moves
  • ​Lesson 3 - Floor Work
  • ​Lesson 4 - Dance Move 'cowboy hip thrust'
  • ​Lesson 5 - Dance Move 'c-walk move'
  • ​Lesson 6 - Dance Move 'jump kick'
  • ​Lesson 7 - Dance Move 'side grab'
  • ​Lesson 8 - Dance Move 'side step'
  • ​Lesson 9 - Dance Move 'triangle glide'
  • ​Lesson 10 - Dance Move 'double leg body roll'
  • ​Lesson 11 - Dance Move 'Alpha Roll'
  • ​Lesson 12 - Dance Move 'Arm Slide'
  • ​Lesson 13 - Dance Move 'Crotch Grab'
  • ​Lesson 14 - Dance Move 'Kick Slide'
  • ​Lesson 15 - Dance Move 'Shaky Leg'
  • ​Lesson 16 - Dance Move 'Walking Body Roll'
  • ​Lesson 17 - Dance Move 'Cowboy Drop'
  • ​Lesson 18 - Dance Move 'Knee Twist'
  • Module 4: Dance Move Combination Ideas
  • Simple Dance Combo #1
  • ​Simple Dance Combo #2
  • ​Stage Performing Dance Combo #1
  • ​Stage Performing Dance Combo #2
  • ​'Magic Mike' Style Dance Combo #1
  • '​Magic Mike' Style Dance Combo #2
  •  *BONUS CONTENT* Module 4.5: Advanced Male Stripper Dance Moves
  •  Lesson 1 - Dolphin Dive Variations
  • ​Lesson 2 - Floor Transitions
  • ​Lesson 3 - Body isolations
  • ​Lesson 4 - Body Grooves
  • ​Lesson 5 - Textures
  • Module 5: Preparing Your Striptease
  •  Lesson 1 - What You Will Need
  • ​Lesson 2 - Planning The Night
  • ​Lesson 3 - How To Introduce The Idea
  • Module 6: Music
  •  Lesson 1 - Picking Your Song/s
  • ​Lesson 2 - Edit Your Music
  • Module 7: Structuring Your Striptease
  •  Lesson 1 - Anchor Points
  • ​Lesson 2 - Connecting The Dot's
  • Module 8: Performing Your Striptease
  •  Lesson 1 - The Intro/start
  • ​Lesson 2 - The Tease
  • ​Lesson 3 - The Lapdance
  • ​Lesson 4 - *BONUS LESSON* How To Lapdance On The Bed
  • ​Lesson 5 - The Transition
  •  Module 9: Your Costume
  •  Lesson 1 - Picking Your Theme & Setting It Up
  • Module 10: Demo Striptease Routines
  • Lesson 1: Demo Routine - 'Kinky' (suit n tie). 
  • ​Lesson 2: Demo Routine - The Policeman (roleplay)