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Fitness Plan+Nutrition Advice ✔

Not confident in your body yet? That's ok - we have your covered! Tommy has shared his exact workout routine in a video series FREE for you! He has also teamed up with internationally recognised nutritionist "Jono James".

Email Support & Community ✔

Personally reach out to Tommy with any questions via email, or interact with Tommy and the stripping community via our private Facebook group which you are granted FREE access to. 

Over 40 Video Tutorials ✔

We didn't hold back when it came to delivering you high quality, detailed instructional video's. With step-by-step tutorials designed to prepare you for a successful career in the male stripping industry. 

Lifetime Access ✔

No monthly payments and no subscription! Just a one time payment to receive exclusive access to the entire online course for life! How good is that? You can come back and watch the video's whenever you want.
Get Paid For A Job You Genuinely LOVE!
  •  Money: Male strippers have the potential to earn around $1000 - $2000 in CASH on a single WEEKEND!
  •  Fun: If you are sick of working in a job you HATE, then you need to try a job you LOVE!
  •  Travel: Want to travel the world for FREE? And get paid at the same time? And dance for hundreds of women? Male stripping can provide that.
  •  Lifestyle: Looking for a dramatic change in your life? Something exciting? New friends? Adventures? Look no further.
  •  Girls: Stop wasting time, money and energy trying to flirt with girls... As a male stripper, the girls will come to you! 
  •  Freedom: Don't stress about your financial situation or job security, as a male stripper you will always have a safety net to fall back on. 
  •  Confidence: Male stripping will transform your self confidence and belief.
  •  Life skills: Learn valuable life skills, such as communication, public speaking, sales, time management and professionalism. 
The Change Begins Here!
Sneak Preview:
Watch a small clip from one of our video lessons in the online course. 
"I spent years trying to figure out male stripping, countless weeks of my life wasted In trial and error

I wish I had a resource like this when I first started.
This is why I'm offering it to YOU now."
Tommy (left) with Troy (right)
"Hey Tommy, I just want to say a huge thanks for all the help and guidance. Today I was formally accepted in 'Thunder From Down Under', this was a goal of mine, and I couldn't have achieved it without your lessons. I will 100% recommend your course to others!"
Thunder From Down Under Male Stripper
Troy Maloney
Did you know that....
1. Spend all their money on the weekend - drinking at bar's & trying to pick up women.


2. Stay at home BORED - trying to save money.
Let me give you an alternative solution...

Male Stripping has the ability to put YOU in front of women who are going CRAZY for you and DEMANDING that you take your clothes off!

They WANT to touch your body - And they WANT to get up close and personal with you...

What guy wouldn't want to be in that situation?

NOT ONLY THAT - You'll get paid lot's of money to dance for them! Cash in hand!

Sounds amazing right?

Most work is on weekends - but you untimely choose your own schedule!
So there's no need to sacrifice your job, this is something most guys can do!

Say good bye to hangovers, rude girls in club's, wasted money and unhealthy lifestyle.

Say hello to a job you can enjoy, girls going banana's for you, cash in your pocket and a healthy lifestyle.

Is this starting to make sense now?

Make Money - Meet Women - Have Fun 
So What's Included In The Online Course Access?
  •  Module 1: Getting Started
  •  Lesson 1 - What Type Of Stripper Are You?
  •  Lesson 2 - Your Personality and Character
  •  Lesson 3 - Preparing The Essentials
  •  Module 2: Body Movement
  •  Lesson 1 - Hip and Chest Grinding
  •  Lesson 2 - Hip and Chest Pop's
  •  Lesson 3 - Body Height Variation's
  •  Lesson 4 - Taking Your Time
  •  Module 3: The Art Of Lap Dancing
  •  Lesson 1 - Technique
  •  Lesson 2 - Lap Dance Moves and Tricks
  •  Module 4: Male Stripper Dance Moves
  •  Lesson 1 - Taking Clothes Off
  •  Lesson 2 - Crowd Pleaser Moves
  •  Lesson 3 - Floor Work
  •  Module 5: Audience Interaction
  •  Lesson 1 - How To Please The Crowd
  •  Lesson 2 - Approaching Females
  •  Module 6: Costumes
  •  Lesson 1 - Choosing Themes
  •  Lesson 2 - Setting Up Your Costume
  •  Module 7: Male Stripper Music
  •  Lesson 1 - Picking Your Songs
  •  Module 8: Planning Your Routine
  •  Lesson 1 - The Basic's Of The Structure
  •  Lesson 2 - Putting Your Routine Together
  •  Module 9: Mixing Your Music
  •  Lesson 1 - Editing
  •  Module 10: Acquiring Work
  •  Lesson 1 - Stage Shows
  •  Lesson 2 - Strip Club's
  •  Lesson 3 - Strip-a-gram's
  •  Module 11: How To Make Fantastic Money & Tips
  •  Lesson 1 - Top Traits Of Successful Male Strippers
  •  Lesson 2 - How To Sell Private Lap Dances
  •  Lesson 3 - Maximising Your Tips
  •  Module 12: Strip-g-gram's - What To Do On The Night
  •  Lesson 1 - Arrival
  •  Lesson 2 - Departing
  •  Module 13: Advice Every Male Stripper Needs To Hear
  •  Lesson 1 - Advice Every Stripper Needs To Hear
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