Purchase Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy. 
Last Updated on 27th February, 2019
Section 1:
- 1) Your result's in the online course are a direct cause of the amount of effort and practice you put in place to achieve success. We simply provide the guidelines and frame work for you to build upon. It is your responsibility to learn all the lesson's and practice what you have learnt. We cannot do this for you.
Result's are not guaranteed, as a large portion of this online course is reliant on your ability to execute what we teach. 
- 2) No re-fund will be given if a student hasn't watched at least 80% of the videos in the online course and/or hasn't contacted the administrators via email to address any immediate concern's or to book a 10min chat via webcam. 
- 3) No refund of payments will be made if the student decides to cancel during their payment plan period.

Section 2:
- 1) If you fail to pay an invoice after 3 attempts by our payment processing company (on our payment plan system), we reserve the right to remove you membership from the online course.
- 2) lifetime access is only guaranteed if once you have fully paid for the student membership.

Section 3:
- 1) We will in no way share any of your personal information with any private company or organisation for any reason. Personal information may be required to be shared with local government authorities if we are legally obliged to co-operate in such instances.
- 2) Your personal information is held in our secure database, with fully encrypted software for extra privacy measures. 
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